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The Concept of Cipher

This was a short write-up that I wrote 2 years ago, now that I am a little more wiser (means I will try to refrain from adding pedantic sentences in brackets, like this one) I felt I could start the blog with a revision from the past. As the aim of the blog is majorly not to be an information portal (simply cannot compete with wiki), i would like to exercise this freedom by just wandering around ideas.

I come from an electrical engineering background, and from my early days visualizations of an electrical system seemed very difficult. It was not natural, contrary to ‘mechanics’ learnt in high school where the cause and effect had an intuitive model, where force could be seen in mass and change of movement. This idea was new and counter-intuitive, all the drama went on inside wires, there were no moving parts and the topics had long become deeper that the charge-gravity analogy. This situation though seemed disadvantageous led to opportunities of devising newer ways to map, model or understand the science and properties behind electrical systems. Initially I used to put the voltage-current system into a pump-water flow model, but realized it wouldn’t go too far, especially when the problems became complicated.So I had to pave way for the new shapes as my old ones can not be substituted anymore, the old variables were not good enough. There were two new characters now voltage and current.

The new characters were the champions of duality, cause and effect, pressure and release, act and action, voltage and current. And the law governing all that was , “A change in act will cause an action.”
In electrical engineering (particularly) the magnitude of ‘voltages’ whatever they may be, are measured in a relative sense, like a difference. We ‘assume’ earth to be at zero potential, we assume or rather not the potential of a Hydrogen atom taking it as a reference and calculating the everything else from it. 

It is like riding a train on an island, you know how fast train moves with respect to the ground but you are not sure if the island itself is moving.

If you have read till here and still have no clue about the relation of the title and all this,I am sorry I am fond of long prologues, its like the breakfast of the write up,

Having set the mood (or inverse) let me start, with the patronizing of “The Concept of Cipher.”

          There is nothing absolute, all is relative, subtraction, difference; measurements, time, feelings, success; everything is measured from a reference, ground, origin. My point being the ingenuity of the inception of the idea of something so pure and clean, to which no real quantity can ever measure up to, “zero”.

Null doesn’t exist in the natural world. We measure up subtractions; our scales have been designed to measure differences, edge to edge, point to point. Though one can come up with the argument of ‘nothingness’ but then again it is not there. We can add up zeros to a quantity, form matrices etc., but the signature of the number will be nevertheless its own count and not the infinite invisible hidden zeros added to it. Ciphers are everywhere, we literally breathe through them, yet so perfectly hidden. They are omnipotent and all-mighty, having the uncanny ability to absolve anything that multiplies, into the purest form.

Null or Cipher or Zero is purely theoretical and an unattainable state, as we observe it, it will change its nature, its property. Origin, it does not exist anymore. Probably  zero time, zero temperature, absolute purity existed before the universe up-till just before the big bang. But now, once the universe is in motion, we can not find it, experience it again.

As we cannot attain the absolute nothing, also essentially we cannot attain absolute everything. The impossibility of infinity is an idea more understandable by us. Again the universe is not infinite, it is an ever growing finite system.

Every religion has stated that God’s message is very simple, but what will be the measure of this simplicity. Frankly, it can’t get any simpler than a bubble; in its idea, in its value or even symbol. A simple circle, invisibly summed into anything and everything, even the geometry being so profoundly symmetrical, irrespective of from where its cut; a part, an arc has the absolute capability and potency of forming the full circle with parameters intact(radius and centre).  Having such beauty and serenity, yet with the annihilative strength of reducing anything that flow with it. It is coined sometimes that ‘mathematics’ has been the language of God, from the brilliant musical notes in a symphony to the vibrant colours in a masterpiece all that connects us to the height of creativity, resides; resembles; surrenders into a simplest pattern of numbers; a flow of digits; a divine language with “Zero” being its centerpiece and the first letter from the ‘Inspiration’.

            The idea that man reached a conclusion to formulate such a non-directional, unbiased, pure and rich concept that may have philosophical reaches to the absolute being is extremely overwhelming.  And perhaps, more that it perpetuated from the ancient people, who probably understood the philosophical implications and considered. I could only imagine what those people might have been. Well, it has been always a popular notion and belief that our scientists had been saints, and that all logic and science had a spiritual aspect. And what about the inspiration, was it the brilliant Sun, or the extrapolation of the rainbow, or people on seashore actually saw the Earth’s contour as round. Or was it just a means to balance equations, nothing deeper, just an empty circle.

And, moreover what does it suggest to us; circle, cycle, motion, period, life, null vector. All that faith in it, being God’s message to us, can and does it provide any answer, any consolation, satisfaction to the absorbed lives we live in? We may think we know the answer or may ponder on the subject, but we very well could be ‘dogs starting to learn physics’Image
Please excuse grammar and typos: It’s an early morning.

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