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The Serpent at 99


Once upon a time, when you thought life was fine.

You know it happens with people every time.

But you were stepping up too close,

Had just two, to your nose.

It lures from the dark,

With eyes for yellow spark.

You’re petrified by the stare,

Now you know the Emperor is here.

It does not slither… wriggle or creep in.

But in its presence, sweat drops seep in.

It can sting in half a move.

Swallow up and you will lose,

All that you dearly made,

From Zero to 98.

You will hear bells, they chime.

Enter, The Nemesis Prime.

The Snake at 99.

The King Serpentine.

Life is all about Ladders and Snakes,

One’s life is what one chooses to take,

Constant Crusades for farther numbers we make.

But in this game you’re not meant to win,

What is after Hundred… it is all in sin,

Plot of God and Devil both akin.

There is no concept of Hell or Heaven,

All there is rebirth, two places from 97.

The Serpent kills you, but you’re born again.

This time in summer, autumn or rain.

To dive again into this vicious game.

It’s all about Karma, the Full Circle Continues,

The logic is just left in the grey, red hues.

All you can do is just play along,

It was not your mistake, you did nothing wrong.

It can’t be helped, you can’t reject this ‘vile,’

But you can give your last laugh, your final smile.

Let all your fears sublime,

When comes the King Serpentine.

Tell Him, “We’ll meet again.”

“I will come back, make sure You stay the same.”

“All these times you taught me fine,

To burn in venom, to let it all shine.”

“But it would be all different the following time,


My ode to the snake at 99.

My original post : https://www.facebook.com/notes/bhaskar-chatterjee/the-serpent-of-99/202889489724395