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The Grand Collective Super-set : Understanding God (Attempt using Transcendental Numbers, Theory of Information Conservation and Indra’s Net)

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Recent research in quantum field variation states that all information is preserved in the universe ( except near black holes, but that is a different story for a different day ).  So Information as an abstract is neither created nor destroyed. Q & A: quantum information conservation. My whole arguement is based on the above statement.

The Concept of Indra’s net 

The concept of “Indrajaal” or Indra’s Net (used as a metaphor in many contemporary sciences eg. fractal studies etc.) needs a simple thought experiment to be understood. Imagine a spider web with intersecting nodes, but instead of being in a 2D plane imagine it is in 3D. And instead of a spiral pattern of the intersecting nodes imagine they are all equally placed by the intersection of equally placed x, y, z lines like an infinitely large 3D grid. This is our universe for now.

Now imagine each node has a shiny, glowing, spherical jewel ( i.e. Infinitely many). You can imagine each jewel glowing in different colour if it helps you. The interesting part is that each jewel reflects all the infinite other jewels ( through multiple reflections if not in direct line of sight).

Thereby each jewel has its own finite data set as its glow (colour etc.) and infinite other data sets from reflections.
To summarise:
1. Each jewel individually has all the information of the universe  (reflections).
2. All that information in the jewel cannot be observed independently from the universe (no reflections).

This particular philosophical concept is from ‘Atharva-Ved‘, one of the four ‘Vedas’  or collective works on the Hindu Philosophy written between 10,000 YBP (year before present) – 2,500 YBP ( the large discrepancy in the dates is due to controversial dating by late 19th century historians/Indologists  and recent geneticists*). Other variations of this idea are also found in Buddhism (Avatamsaka Sutra etc.) Indra’s net

We can ignore the personification of someone called ‘Indra’, it could be argued that it is conveyed as a metaphor to spread dense concepts to the people in the masses. Purposefully put for the idea to survive this long, as human are pattern seeking machines with a great affinity to human faces and other humanizations. But anyways where the idea comes from is not important when we just need the abstract concept.

Fast-Forward to present.  Loaning the concept I feel have enough to try and make my case. I will not conform to any present popular belief system but I cannot confirm the non-existence of this school of thought now or before.

The ideas I present are very similar to ‘Advaita Vedanta’  Philosophy in Hinduism, it is definitely inspired by it, but as I am not an expert in that subject and I do not know whether this aligns perfectly with that and I will not claim or refute it.

Transcendental numbers
Firstly let me attempt to prove that the above concept holds good for our universe (atleast loosely).  That it has a similar arrangement of the abstract information is there in our universe. That observing fully individual entities may give us information of the whole universe. One such case are the Transcendental numbers. Transcendental numbers are irrational numbers which cannot be expressed in a polynomial form with rational coefficients. They are non-repeating, non-Terminating numbers containing an infinite string of digits in them (after the decimal point) and cannot be expressed as an m/n form. Also according to the ‘Cantor’s proof almost all numbers are irrational numbers.
Let us start with an example of Pi, it is a transcendental irrational number. It can be written as a string of infinite digits or summation of an infinite series (Leibniz formula for π) , it is a collection of infinite data sets limited only to the capacity to store the data. Now let us ponder on the significance of infinite non repeating digits , all data ever created by man if taken as a an eg. ASCII code would be found as a large combination of digits somewhere in Pi, if my neurological pathways that make myself me are attributed into a collection of numbers it will be inside Pi, in fact all possible data in the universe can be found in Pi.  Moreover it has a mathematically bounded definition and an attribute which does not need an infinite amount of space to be stored. Meaning Pi can always be found using a circle of finite size but cannot be fully expressed even then.

Defining God with Mathematical conditions.
The neurological pathways and configurations are essential for our human experience ranging from everything to deep emotional concepts, curiosity and belief of God. The matter in our finitely sized head can only be configured in some very large but nevertheless finite arrangement. This complex pattern also follows the same laws of physics that all the other particles everywhere follow. Thus conservation of Information must also hold for our heads. Making our identities a minuscule subset of the Grand Information Super-set which contained all information of the universe ,closely packed during the big bang. Actually everything around is a sub-set of it. All the movies we have seen, songs we have written, emotions we have felt, colours we perceive can very well be seen as a small portion of the information we experience which all are part of aGrand Collective Super-set, making the deepest ideas also part of an everlasting database.

To define this God let us start small. Imagine a universe as x^2 = 4. , x = 2 & x = -2 are information subsets of the larger equation making the larger equation the Grand Collective Superset (God like entity). Similarly a x^4 = 1 is a bigger the universe with a more complex the godlike entity. Here x= 1,-1, i, -i all are valid configurations. (and I didn’t even start with non polynomial equations etc. ). For our universe this Grand Collective Super-set is a highly conscious and complex enough conditional system which not only has all the building blocks of the universe but also their arrangement.

Now the above universes are purely abstract mathematical universe with no meaning to the 2 or -2 , but years of scientific endeavours have shown us that our universe is nothing but made up of mathematical abstracts (mass, charge … etc. ). The 2 above can be 2 oranges or any other individual entity. Also numbers are infinite with different sets of behaviours, so are real entities.

The Everywhere Divine
Take the above equation x^2 = 4 , which diverges into 2 & -2,   but why stop there we can go further. Loaning the concept x^2 = 4 is a jewel reflecting on 2 jewels, but the number 2 or -2 they are also jewels. They are solutions to the infinitely many equations , 4/2, ln(e^2) etc. Making every number a jewel. Also all numbers or set of numbers can be corresponded to real entities. Therefore all matter, concept or even thought has the property of God (GCS).

Now it makes the matter for your belief or non belief moot, as you are a configuration of matter, energy & ‘?’ which is a subset of a bigger configuration of matter, energy & ‘?’. Praying to this God is like making your Mathematics book into a Holy book of teachings of the universe (which probably is more accurate)

God is everywhere even in you , me , plastic , rock , oranges , cats, everything.
A corollary of the above is that God (lets call it The Grand Collective Superset, GCS) is a superposition of all states and configurations. Also we know that each action taken by any actor has a consequential effect changing the configuration on which the action is taken upon. Combining the two arguements, GCS can not act because action cannot be defined as there is no change of state when the whole superset is taken as a whole. The burden of action lies on actors within that state. The actors could be anything from an electron interfering during a slit experiment to an star going supernova creating heavy elements to humans who may well be alive and conscious due the property of the universe to create more entropy ( Life maybe universes way to create more entropy : A new equation for intelligence )
(and may very well be passing phase in the universe, A New Physics Theory of Life |  Quanta Magazine )

The above deduction has huge implications from our mind set for an eventual extra terrestrial life, to seeing the connection and symmetry of the universe. It frees us from any baggage to do things in the name of religion and the most logical path for long term sustainability. We have the freedom of action in this universe and all actions have consequences which may or may not be fully understood. This last sentence is also a loose translation of a very famous quote from The Bhagawada Gita or the Divine song.

If one names the Grand Collective Super-set into divine consciousness and the everywhere divine concept into ‘Brahman’ (not to be confused with Braahman the caste)  the above becomes very similar to principles of Advaita Vendanta Philosophy of Hindusim.

A major setback for my arguement could be that this God is bleeding on the vicinity of blackholes as conservation of information MAY not hold. As it is not absolutely certain , till it is established I should have the benefit of the doubt.

Religions carry an extra baggage of How should you behave and live ?  ( in addition to the What is the universe around you? ) , as humans tend to surrender everything to the concept of God, these things tend to be the effect of Societal Behaviour rather than a cause for it. To explain myself I do not think a set of rules or commandments are needed to have a functional society as human themselves will develop complex concepts of society and group cooperative behaviours for long term benefits. Making existing words of God, probably words of men.

To summarize :
1. Any God like entity in a world boldly defined by mathematics will have traits in line with a mathematical understanding.
2. A benevolent, malevolent etc. God is wishful thinking because it is a superposition of every possible state making such concepts undermining.
3. A belief or disbelief is moot as they also are very limited concepts making any advantage or disadvantage non-existent. eg. Human history.
4. As an actor we have Freedom of action which has consequences and therefore as conscious human actors we are free to work on long term sustainability eg. climate change.
5.1 GCS/God is everywhere around, breaking any exclusivity of a few. eg. Knowing mathematics or not knowing will not change your bodily functions but an understanding helps act better.
5.2 GCS/God is everywhere, makes us appreciate nature climate other animals more not from the perspective than they are important for our survival but a mutual respect for them as it is.
6. The argument paves way for where to look for God but not what it will be once we find them. There is unfortunately a certainty that our finite heads only can contain a finite maximum information.  eg. Analogous to Dog learning calculus. It may be possible but Dogs have no clue as for now.


The Concept of Cipher

This was a short write-up that I wrote 2 years ago, now that I am a little more wiser (means I will try to refrain from adding pedantic sentences in brackets, like this one) I felt I could start the blog with a revision from the past. As the aim of the blog is majorly not to be an information portal (simply cannot compete with wiki), i would like to exercise this freedom by just wandering around ideas.

I come from an electrical engineering background, and from my early days visualizations of an electrical system seemed very difficult. It was not natural, contrary to ‘mechanics’ learnt in high school where the cause and effect had an intuitive model, where force could be seen in mass and change of movement. This idea was new and counter-intuitive, all the drama went on inside wires, there were no moving parts and the topics had long become deeper that the charge-gravity analogy. This situation though seemed disadvantageous led to opportunities of devising newer ways to map, model or understand the science and properties behind electrical systems. Initially I used to put the voltage-current system into a pump-water flow model, but realized it wouldn’t go too far, especially when the problems became complicated.So I had to pave way for the new shapes as my old ones can not be substituted anymore, the old variables were not good enough. There were two new characters now voltage and current.

The new characters were the champions of duality, cause and effect, pressure and release, act and action, voltage and current. And the law governing all that was , “A change in act will cause an action.”
In electrical engineering (particularly) the magnitude of ‘voltages’ whatever they may be, are measured in a relative sense, like a difference. We ‘assume’ earth to be at zero potential, we assume or rather not the potential of a Hydrogen atom taking it as a reference and calculating the everything else from it. 

It is like riding a train on an island, you know how fast train moves with respect to the ground but you are not sure if the island itself is moving.

If you have read till here and still have no clue about the relation of the title and all this,I am sorry I am fond of long prologues, its like the breakfast of the write up,

Having set the mood (or inverse) let me start, with the patronizing of “The Concept of Cipher.”

          There is nothing absolute, all is relative, subtraction, difference; measurements, time, feelings, success; everything is measured from a reference, ground, origin. My point being the ingenuity of the inception of the idea of something so pure and clean, to which no real quantity can ever measure up to, “zero”.

Null doesn’t exist in the natural world. We measure up subtractions; our scales have been designed to measure differences, edge to edge, point to point. Though one can come up with the argument of ‘nothingness’ but then again it is not there. We can add up zeros to a quantity, form matrices etc., but the signature of the number will be nevertheless its own count and not the infinite invisible hidden zeros added to it. Ciphers are everywhere, we literally breathe through them, yet so perfectly hidden. They are omnipotent and all-mighty, having the uncanny ability to absolve anything that multiplies, into the purest form.

Null or Cipher or Zero is purely theoretical and an unattainable state, as we observe it, it will change its nature, its property. Origin, it does not exist anymore. Probably  zero time, zero temperature, absolute purity existed before the universe up-till just before the big bang. But now, once the universe is in motion, we can not find it, experience it again.

As we cannot attain the absolute nothing, also essentially we cannot attain absolute everything. The impossibility of infinity is an idea more understandable by us. Again the universe is not infinite, it is an ever growing finite system.

Every religion has stated that God’s message is very simple, but what will be the measure of this simplicity. Frankly, it can’t get any simpler than a bubble; in its idea, in its value or even symbol. A simple circle, invisibly summed into anything and everything, even the geometry being so profoundly symmetrical, irrespective of from where its cut; a part, an arc has the absolute capability and potency of forming the full circle with parameters intact(radius and centre).  Having such beauty and serenity, yet with the annihilative strength of reducing anything that flow with it. It is coined sometimes that ‘mathematics’ has been the language of God, from the brilliant musical notes in a symphony to the vibrant colours in a masterpiece all that connects us to the height of creativity, resides; resembles; surrenders into a simplest pattern of numbers; a flow of digits; a divine language with “Zero” being its centerpiece and the first letter from the ‘Inspiration’.

            The idea that man reached a conclusion to formulate such a non-directional, unbiased, pure and rich concept that may have philosophical reaches to the absolute being is extremely overwhelming.  And perhaps, more that it perpetuated from the ancient people, who probably understood the philosophical implications and considered. I could only imagine what those people might have been. Well, it has been always a popular notion and belief that our scientists had been saints, and that all logic and science had a spiritual aspect. And what about the inspiration, was it the brilliant Sun, or the extrapolation of the rainbow, or people on seashore actually saw the Earth’s contour as round. Or was it just a means to balance equations, nothing deeper, just an empty circle.

And, moreover what does it suggest to us; circle, cycle, motion, period, life, null vector. All that faith in it, being God’s message to us, can and does it provide any answer, any consolation, satisfaction to the absorbed lives we live in? We may think we know the answer or may ponder on the subject, but we very well could be ‘dogs starting to learn physics’Image
Please excuse grammar and typos: It’s an early morning.

Link to the original article: https://www.facebook.com/notes/bhaskar-chatterjee/the-concept-of-cipher/205645722782105